St Andrew's Church, Yetminster, will be closed for maintenance from Tuesday 18th April 2017.


Please study the service schedules carefully. The usual pattern of services will be followed as far as possible with services taking place in Ryme Intrinsca church.





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A substantial village lying 5 miles South West of Sherborne and 5 miles South East of Yeovil

and 17 miles North of Dorchester.

Yetminster lies on a ridge of Forest Marble

crowned with Cornbrash (shelly limestone) with Oxford Clay to the north and south.




The centre of the village




  • Excellent shops, PO and pub
  • Good communications
  • Lots of activities
  • Primary school
  • Health Centre
  • Some light industry
  • Handsome stone built village centre with newer housing round the edge


Yetminster St Andrew church from the North



  • Peaceful house of prayer for 1000 years
  • Home of the worshipping community of the 21st century
  • Centre of the village for great occasions from joyful to memorial
  • Architectural treasure of 13th and 15th centuries
  • Scene of Services, grand and intimate