During Covid-19



Heavenly Father

In this time of great uncertainty,

we pray for our world, our nation, our villages and our neighbours.

In particular, we pray for those who suffer isolation,

that they may find friendship;

for those who have lost loved ones,

that they may find new hope;

for those whose work does not pay,

that they may find the help they need;

for those risking themselves to help others,

that they may find joy;

for those who give up time to care,

that they may find rest;

for those who have nowhere to go,

that they may find shelter;

for those with responsibility for leadership,

that they may know wisdom;

and for those who have lost all,

that they may find new life.

Finally we pray for ourselves,

that we may know the saving, loving, peace-giving presence of jesus.


The clergy team suggests that if the people of Benefice reserve this prayer to say at least once during the day on a third hour of the day (3, 6, 9 and 12 o'clock! and even through the night - I was surprised to learn how many insomiacs we have in the villages) then you will know that somewhere someone else is saying it to.  This can be a great comfort.



Please look at the Three Valleys Team Facebook Page page by following the link. This will show any messages from the clergy; people needing intercessions; live-streaming  of services etc.

(You will need to join Facebook).


If you are not a member of Facebook you can still watch some services which have been uploaded but, as yet, we can't show them live. Click here to take you to the jolly website and then go to the ON LINE page. The services can be watched through YouTube: Three Valleys Team.


Live Feed instructions:

Go to Facebook;

Search for Three Valleys Team;

Click on the Join button;

Just before any services (see below for advertised times) go to the Three Valleys Team Facebook page again;

click on the notifications icon (a little bell);

Click on Livefeed;

Join in.


The Reverend George Moody has started a  daily blog for the Three Valleys Team Benefice  

Blog instructions or you can see it daily on the Facebook Page 

Go to https://lookupinlockdown.blogspot.com/ ;

Click on the subscribe button; Go to your emails;

Open the email from Feedburner;

Click on the link;

Then you will receive it in your in box (currently a day late but that may be fixed).


Live-Streaming of services and Thought for the Day

The following services etc have been planned:
10am Every Sunday
9am Every Monday - Friday Thought for the Day
 6pm Every Monday (Compline), Wednesday (BCP Evensong) and Friday (CW Evensong) 
6pm Every day during Holy Week (Monday 6th April  to Maundy Thursday  9th April) 
3pm Good Friday Meditation

See the Home Page for a message from our Team Rector, the Reverend Tony Gilbert.







Palm Sunday 5th April Live Streaming of Palm Sunday Communion Service took place at 10am on Sunday 5th April, led by the Reverend George Moody. You can follow the service through the Facebook page or the jolly website. See above for instructions and links. If you wish to follow the service, the text can be printed by clicking on the links for the 4 pages below and printing using Ctrl+P.

For page 1 of text to follow the service please click here  For page 2 of text please click here

For page 3 of text please click here  For page 4 of text please click here


Sunday 29th March Lent 5 The Reverend Tony Gilbert led a live-stremed service of CW Holy Communion.


May 25th Lady Day. Please click here for a copy of a special service which you can say at home.

Also on Lady Day a live service of BCP Evensong was streamed. Click here if you would like to follow it via Facebook.


Mothering Sunday service was live streamed on Mothering Sunday 22nd March. It worked well and we are all very grateful to the Reverend George Moody.

You can still catch up by looking at the Three Valleys Benefice Facebook Page page by following the link. 

Posies were collected from churches or hand delivered for Mothering Sunday.