Welcome to the Bishops Caundle Appeal Page
The Church at Bishop’s Caundle has been at the centre of your community for almost a 1000 years and has shared with you those joyous occasions such as weddings and baptisms and for those sad times such as funerals and services of remembrance.
It is the only Grade 1 Listed building in the village and stands proudly in the Conservation area as a beacon to all who pass through our village. It is an
undisputed part of our heritage.
Sadly time has taken its toll and major structural repairs are urgently required, in particular to the south roof which is no longer weatherproof causing damage to the internal fabric at the entrance to the Chancel.
Equally the building no longer lends itself to modern expectations and we are thus restricted in our ability to use it for wider village use. For example we hold our “Messy Church” at school and it would be good to have it in Church on occasions.
We are also blessed with a distinctive organ which has recently been classified a Grade 2 organ. We do not hear the full musical capacity of it and again, sadly, it is in need of repair. Once fully restored we have been assured by the Diocesan Organist from Salisbury it will delight all those who enjoy recitals and concerts. After all, it is the Church of the community

We have embarked on a Two Stage programme of repairs, renovation and refurbishment and need your help. It is not something we can do on our own and hope the whole village will unite with us to raise sufficient money to enable us to obtain grants to carry out the works required in two stages.

Stage 1 is to repair the roof and make the building weatherproof plus necessary external works to windows etc.

Stage 2 will be the refurbishment and reordering of the inside of the Church to give us better facilities and accommodation so that we can bring the building more into the life and activities of the village; for example school activities, Messy Church and village meetings. These works will involve, for example, the installation of toilets, tea making facilities and the like.

Although all this work is going on, we must not forget that this building is, as it has been for many generations, a place of worship. We are also looking at ways of doing this, so watch this space.

At this stage it is impossible to give precise costs for the works we envisage because much of the detailed planning has yet to start but we do know that the likely cost of the roof repairs will be in the order of £150,000.

We have £24,000 towards the overall cost of the planned works. Grant giving bodies invariably look for “match funding” which means they will match what we put in. On that simple basis we need to raise at least £50,000 in addition to our existing £24,000 to allow the roof repairs to go ahead and leave some in the “kitty” to start the next phase of fund raising.

Much of the work in Stage 2 will necessitate detailed discussions with bodies such as the Diocese of Salisbury, English Heritage, Dorset County Council and numerous other organisations whose views will have to be obtained. This process will take time before we can have all the necessary approvals in place and come back to you with reasonably accurate costs and timeframes.

Although the planned work is to be done in two stages we will need to raise money during the whole planning period so that we can complete Stage 1 in the expectation that we can proceed with Stage 2.

We would like to ask you for your support in reaching our goal. Your help, no matter how small, will be gratefully received and overleaf is a form for any donation you would care to give.


Rev’d Tony Gilbert, Team Rector, Three Valleys Benefice

Rev’d Richard Kirlew, Team Vicar and Bishops Caundle PCC